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English Language Arts

Setting New Teachers Up for Success

Are you new to teaching? Are you searching for ways to make your classroom run smoothly? Do you want to ensure things are in place so you don’t lose valuable instruction time? 

This 3-day workshop is designed to support new teachers so that they start off well-prepared to have a successful year in the classroom. Teachers who have been teaching for 3 years or less will find great value in coming together to learn, prepare, and plan so that they have a roadmap to start the school year off. They will learn how to build relationships with students, set boundaries, and develop routines that include modeling and practice to save valuable instructional time.

  • Day 1 – Led by Tiffany Creager: 

    The goal of this professional learning series is to support new teachers in developing positive relationships with students. Positive teacher-student relationships have been shown to improve academic achievement, improve student well-being, increase student motivation, and decrease undesirable student behaviors. The day will be broken into two parts: 

    • Creating Connections and Building Trust: Tier 1New teachers will learn the importance of creating connections and building trust with their students. They will learn why designating time and effort to relationship building is highly beneficial and they learn strategies to begin this work during the first week of school. This initial segment will focus on connecting with all students by uncovering and understanding their core values and motivations, strengthening communication skills, and building classroom communities.

    • Relational-Based Discipline: During this learning segment, we will then explore discipline through a relational lens. New teachers will learn how to build on the work they do in their classrooms to create both preventative and responsive systems that are relationship-based, brain-aligned, and structured to address rupture and repair in a way that supports long-term behavioral shifts.

  • Day 2- Procedures, Routines, and Transitions- Led by April Connelley: 

    This day is all about creating a classroom from the first day of school that leads to maximizing learning time. New teachers will join us for an active day of learning and collaboration. We will spend our time focused on deciding your desired state and determining action steps to make it happen. During learning, we will explore examples, identify needed routines for your classroom, and think about how to make it all happen. We will bring all of this together in a 20-day plan for the beginning of the school year.

     Participants will…

    •   Decide the desired state for your classroom.

    •   Determine action steps to start the school year.

    •   Understand how classroom set-up influences instruction.

    •   Explore some example routines and procedures.

    • · Begin planning for the first 20 days of the next school year.

  • Day 3 – Support Meeting- Led by Tiffany Creager and April Connelley:   

    On this day, we will all come together to share successes and challenges the new teachers have experienced when implementing the strategies introduced in the first two days of learning. We will celebrate successes, share actual examples, and work through a problem-solving model to help teachers find further success. New teachers will develop a plan for revisiting routines and procedures at key times throughout the year to maximize success. They will also discuss ways to simplify some of their routines and procedures for efficiency. We will then dig into more intensive strategies classroom teachers can implement with harder-to-reach students. Participants will be introduced to a variety of evidence-based strategies and will create a plan for a small group of students that best fits the unique needs of the teacher and identified students.

Audience: Beginning Teachers (0-3 years of experience), Transition to Teaching Candidates, and Educators with Alternative Licensure

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