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Math & STEAM

We offer a variety of Professional Development options for Math & STEAM!

Review the offerings below to get an idea of how we can help!

You can also contact us with questions, or to get a custom-tailored plan.

Using Generative AI in the Math Classroom

Are you comfortable with using Generative AI, Educational AI tools, or AI in general for your work as a teacher or administrator? Do you want to learn more about the various AI tools, how they work, and the best ways to use their abilities? Are you struggling to determine if and how to use Generative AI and AI tools in your classroom? Do you know the ways to use Generative AI and AI tools to improve the instruction with students and not just have them do the work for students? Generative AI and AI tools can be useful resources for all these important aspects of education, if you know how to best use and implement them to work for you.


Join us to learn more about the various FREE Generative AI and AI tools that are available for teachers, administrators, and students to use. Learn how these tools work, how to communicate with them, and how to make them work for you. Just like in the 1990’s when Graphing Calculators made their appearance into mainline math instruction, Generative AI and AI tools can be used effectively to enhance students’ learning and understanding of mathematics when integrated and used appropriately. 


Participants will learn 2-3 different forms of educational Generative AI and a variety of AI tools. We will discuss what they can do for you in the educational setting.  You will learn how to communicate with the Generative AI and AI tools by formulating questions to make it work for you in many aspects of your educational responsibilities. Learn how to best use Generative AI and AI tools with students to help students understand and apply the mathematics they are learning. You will receive valuable resources, activities, and ideas for increasing your educational productivity and student performance using Generative AI and AI tools and resources.


Audience – Grades 6 – 8 – Administrators, Teachers, Digital Instructional Coaches, and Instructional Aides

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What They're Saying

Bill did an amazing job and shared lots of information that I know I will specifically use in my classroom!

Ruth Everett


This was a fun, interactive training. I felt like a student who wanted to learn and was able to learn by "doing". So much great information that will be used daily in my classroom! Thank you!

Kenna Kahlig


Bill was a great presenter and gave us valuable resources that we can use in our classroom.

Denise Herrin


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