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Leadership Coaching & Consulting

We offer custom, comprehensive Leadership Coaching and Consulting!

Review the offerings below to get an idea of how we can help!

You can also contact us with questions, or to get a custom-tailored plan.

Strategic Planning

Corporation level strategic planning includes looking at current and past data, doing a root cause analysis, developing a belief statement, creating SMART goals, developing district action steps for the year, and then breaking those down into monthly district level action steps that move you towards reaching the year-end goal step-by-step. This involves the Superintendent and all building principals and assistant principals.

Individual building strategic planning supports each principal in creating a strategic plan for their building that is in line with the corporation's strategic plan. Principals are encouraged to include their leadership team on this day to help with the creation of the building strategic plan. Leadership teams take all of the same steps as outlined in the Corporation Level Strategic Planning, but also create action steps that they will accomplish at the building level.

Leadership Team Coaching Support is included. Dianne McKinley will work with the district team (Superintendent and Principals) throughout the school year to be an accountability partner, provide assistance, help them to trouble-shoot and problem-solve, and remind them to celebrate when they reach milestones. This support will enable the team to stay focused on their action steps and reach their SMART goals.

Ready to get started?

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