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On-site or virtual coaching, mentoring, and support.


Methods that maximize student potential.


For administrators, staff, teachers, AND students.


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You deserve to get the support your teachers & staff need in order to develop themselves & their classrooms.

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Dianne Coaching

At INcompassing Education, we know that you want to be a confident, competent educational leader. In order to do that, you need a highly engaged & well-trained staff to help produce increased student achievement.

We understand the time and expertise it takes to fully equip teachers & staff, which is why we tailor our support for each school & individual to provide coaching, mentoring, and training that fits any budget and timeline.

Learn more about us here.

We believe in you


“[Working with Dianne] made me feel empowered. Before the process, I was totally overwhelmed and angry when we received a poor school letter grade. I wanted to be a strong leader, but didn’t know what that would look like or how to do it. Through the process, I discovered that when you are overwhelmed, that it’s very hard to make positive change happen. I learned that being a good leader doesn’t mean doing it all, it means doing it all together. I learned that I had to trust the process, (after all, we didn’t have much to lose at that point) and those around me. There were times it was very challenging, but I knew that I had support. I gained confidence, and feel much more equipped to lead change in a school.”

Cris McCoy, Principal Sugar Creek Elementary


"Whatever your district’s needs and goals are, Bill Reed will pull up a chair and help fulfill any need or desire you float his way! Whether you’re looking for test prep strategies, motivational tools, best practices, pedagogical must-knows, or anything of the like 一Bill will deliver! Bill invests in our district, empathizes with our staff, and employs a boots-on-the-ground approach for sustained growth and achievement. Bill is not a motivational speaker known for being a one-trick pony 一Bill is an investor, empathizer, cultivator, and faithful friend."

Dr. Tim Krieg, Director of Secondary Curriculum, School City of Hobart


“I would highly recommend working with Tiffany Creager and INcompassing Education. Tiffany’s engaging presentation and expertise in Social Emotional Learning through a Trauma Informed Lens resonated and sparked conversations among our staff. Dianne and Tiffany were extremely supportive in helping to design and implement a Professional Development experience to meet our specific needs.”

Deb Bishop, Counselor, Roosevelt Middle School


"Tabitha was my #1 go-to for all state and federal grant input due to her experience working at the Indiana Department of Education and in a K12 Indiana school district. She taught me how to create a budget worksheet for all of our Title Grants that could be utilized throughout the school year, and this drastically reduced my workload and my stress load when it came time to submit the live applications for each grant. She took time to meet with me and our Director of Finance to give clear and accurate guidance on allowable expenditures, reimbursements, and state/federal compliance." 

Melanie Beaver, Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

South Vermillion Community School Corporation


"I had the pleasure of working with April Connelley for one year. For years, our campus struggled in finding ways to accelerate student reading skills without much success. When April came to our campus, she engaged our teachers in reading skills and activities that reflected her professional expertise and knowledge. Her resourcefulness accelerated our teacher’s ability to meet the needs of even the most struggling learner.

April’s approach to coaching worked wonders for our teachers. Her commitment to our teacher’s professional learning, resulted in them taking a new approach in executing productive and engaging lessons. As a result of their new learning, our teachers developed the skills and confidence needed to achieve their set goals." 

Sylvia Rendon Instructional Coach, James Bowie Elementary

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