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How Teachers Can Unleash the Power of Positivity

How Teachers Can Unleash the Power of Positivity

We often hear the words, “just think positive”. But what does that mean and what is it meant to accomplish? Is positivity based just on what is said or is there more to it? Teachers can unleash the power of positivity into day-to-day activities, not just in the classroom to improve morale and overall performance, not just of the learners, but in themselves as well.



How Teachers Can Enhance the Power of Positivity in the Classroom


  1. Practice what you preach


When you set a positive role model and set out to encourage and show a positive attitude in all that you do, you may find that it sets a positive atmosphere in the classroom at the same time. Demonstrating optimism, positive thinking, and offering constructive criticism enhances the power of positivity and happiness in the classroom as well as other aspects of your life and that of your students. Being optimistic will enhance your happiness, and encourage the students to emulate the model you set in search of their own happiness.


  1. Make your space a positive place


Turn your classroom into a positive space. Use motivational words and posters to decorate the walls. Add stories of upliftment to your bulletin boards. Get your students involved by having them do crafts centered around motivation and positive feelings. Being surrounded by bright cheery posters and inspirational offerings brings the power of positivity into your classroom.


  1. Assist students towards a positive end goal


Get your students to set out their goals for the semester or even longer term. Assist with step by step ways to achieve these goals so that each step is achievable and makes your students excited to work towards them. Achieving each goal is a positive experience for your students which encourages them to work towards the next step on the list.


  1. Avoid negative thinking and speaking


You have to examine your own thinking and speaking as well as that of your students. Avoid words such as “I can’t” or “you can’t”. For yourself, you need to look at what you need to achieve your own goals or what assistance you would require to get to where you want to be. Encourage your students to work through the reasons why they feel they are unable to achieve something. Let them know that they are not alone, and that help is available to assist them in achieving their goal every step of the way.


Offer your own assistance as well as encourage them to seek any additional assistance they might require. Even children that are struggling in the classroom can benefit from the power of positivity. Show each child how they can achieve their goals with the necessary assistance and this will also encourage them to persevere.


  1. Reward positivity


Boost your students’ confidence, and encourage them to be positive by putting a reward system in place that encourages the power or positivity in the classroom and in their daily lives. Work on different factors for each individual student as each child will have different aspects they need to work on.


You would also need to work on rewards that will motivate each child. For some, an extra 15 minutes of reading, for others an extra 10 minutes of personal time, for others just words of congratulations are what encourages the child to bring the power of positivity in to the classroom. You have to determine what works and offer rewards accordingly. Each student will need to be chatted to one on one to set the goals of what needs to be worked on and what reward is offered for achieving a specific goal.


Encourage every step of the way and ensure you are consistent and fair as well. If the goals are not being achieved on a continuous basis, you may have to have a more in-depth discussion as to why, offer resources to help achieve the goal or perhaps set smaller goals leading up to the desired result.



Optimism, positive thought, positive speech, and positive behaviors are the best ways teachers can unleash the power of positivity in the classroom. Set personal goals as well as assist your students in setting and achieving their own goals. Avoid negative speech and actions, and work on your own presentation and attitudes as well as encouraging positive behaviors. The power of positivity will go a long way in bringing a better attitude and better results in the classroom and life in general.



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