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5 Steps to Get Started with the Science of Reading

5 Steps to Get Started with the Science of Reading

I often get asked for recommendations on where to start learning more about the Science of Reading (SoR). There is so much information floating around us at every turn, it’s hard to manage it without getting overwhelmed. So here are a few resources to begin your journey. 

Take them in one at a time, don’t rush, give yourself time to process and think about what you are learning. It is so important to know the what, the why, and the how. So think of new learning in those terms, what did I learn, why is it important, and how can I use this information to maximize learning for my students. 

Girls reading

One last note before you get started, every time I read something, I usually end up adding two or three new things to my ‘To Read’ pile. Reading is like that, it opens doors to knowledge. So, I’m going to encourage you, as you begin this journey, to keep some kind of notes about what you’ve explored and what you want to explore. I keep this really simple using two systems. One is a word document with links or notes to things I’ve read or want to read and recommendations of things I’m planning to read. Two, I keep a shelf of professional books in my GoodReads account for easy reference. Then, when I’m out and about and trying to remember a specific title and author I can just grab my phone and access the list of titles easily. 

Now let’s jump in and get started with these 5 easy steps to start your SoR learning journey!


Start with a clear definition of what SoR is. I recommend using the defining guide from the Reading League that is available for free download here.



Read a few articles. Here are a few I recommend to get started.


Other valuable resources.


Dive deeper into some great books.

Searching for a better understanding of knowledge building and why it is important, check-out The Knowledge Gap: The Hidden Cause of America’s Broken Education System – And How to Fix It by Natalie Wexler.



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