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6 Tips to Make Class Interesting for Students

6 Top Tips on How to Reduce Misbehavior in the Classroom

Students learn better when they are interested. Engaging them in the teaching experience and making the class interesting is a way to keep their interest and improve retention of what is being taught. The important thing to know is how to make class interesting while still ensuring that the lesson is aligned to the standards.


1. Revel in the Mysterious 

Keeping things a little absurd at times and revealing unique, weird, unusual and wonderful facts in the midst of lessons can help capture the attention of students. Start with questions that need further research to find the answers. Keep the ending a surprise so that they want to hear what you have to say so that they can answer the original question at the end of the lesson.


2. Lesson Flipping Can Be Very Effective

This allows the students to self-study at home, use the classroom to break down what they have learned, pose questions to the teacher and to other students, and reinforce the concepts being studied. This allows students to work at a pace that works for them and use class time to interact with other students in a meaningful way. When looking at how to make class interesting, this is a good way to make it enjoyable without sacrificing the lessons to be learned.


3. Reviewing Is Important but Avoid Repetition

Go over work that has been learned during the past month or so by including it in brief reviews. Ensure the review of the work is done in a way that it fits in with what has been learned and what is going to be studied next, so that it slots in and allows students to recall the previous lessons while learning new work. Don’t just go over the work in exactly the same way as first presented, but look at other alternatives to reviewing the previous work.


4. Learn Together

Challenge yourself while helping your students learn as well. Don’t be afraid to discover new things with your students. Allow them to challenge you and educate you as well. Discovering together is a great way to keep interest and encourage learning.


5. Make the Lessons Exciting

Turn lessons into an interactive performance and encourage the students to take part. Try taking a seat while the students teach you the lesson. Allow students to grade each other and even grade you on your presentations. Don’t be afraid to laugh and have fun while still keeping control.


You can be authoritative without being too stern of a disciplinarian. You can loosen up a bit, listen to your students and have them talk about what is important to them as well. Share personal anecdotes where appropriate and allow students to share their experiences relevant to the lessons being learned or to their methods of study. You can also keep an open door policy for students to chat about problems they may be experiencing or anything else they need to discuss.


6. Make Use of Technology

Today you cannot ignore technology; students are immersed in the latest technology on a daily basis. Bring technology into the class and even outside. Have online chat groups, use YouTube videos and presentations, use Smart boards or any other ways of getting your students excited about learning.



Try and think outside the box when it comes to presenting material in class. This is how to make class interesting, both for you and for the students. Offer choices, get the students involved, invite guest speakers, go learn outdoors, take a field trip or look at other methods to keep your students engaged.


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