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Principals’ End of School Year Checklist

Principals’ End of School Year Checklist

As a school leader, there are many loose ends that you will want to tie up at the end of the school year. This is a great time to pause and reflect on the past year. You will want to review the data you’ve collected on the programs, interventions, and initiatives you’ve implemented. This is a great time to write your strategic plan for next school year complete with your end-of-year data, key milestones, SMART goals, and monthly metrics. Below you will find an easy-to-follow checklist of items to round out your school year. 

Finalize All Staff Evaluations

Run end of year data reports

Create next year’s strategic plan

Provide teachers with a classroom inventory checklist

Provide teachers with a check out sheet that includes all necessary components

Meet with committees to review effectiveness and determine goals for next year

Schedule a meeting with your Superintendent to review your strategic plan

Create new electronic files to prepare for next year

Clean up your electronic files from this school year by archiving them

Order supplies for next year

Review all policies and procedures and make necessary changes to the student handbook

Send out surveys to parents, staff, and students

Create class schedules

Collect Title I end of year documentation (if applicable)

Finalize calendar if not already completed

Update school website

Begin the hiring process for unfilled positions

Schedule all custodial projects for the summer

Plan for and carry out Summer School

Prepare and send out a summer newsletter

Conduct a year-end inventory of textbooks, supplies and equipment

Change the outgoing school voicemail to summer hours

Ensure class schedule has time for staff collaboration

Create a walkthrough observation and evaluation schedule for next year

Communicate class schedules to staff as early as possible

Review and revise all building level forms

Draft a welcome back letter for next school year


Of course, this is not an exhaustive list and you will certainly add to it over the years. Closing out the school year can be a time of great reflection as well as a time of  preparation for the year to come. By completing the items in this checklist you will be off to a great start next school year! 


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