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Professional Development for Teachers

Professional development for teachers – why is it important? Education is a never-ending process, not only for students, but for teachers as well. It can’t be stressed enough how vital teachers are in shaping the future of the next generation when it comes to knowledge, philosophies, and values. If you’re a teacher, keep in mind that your students are the next breed of leaders, inventors, doctors, lawyers, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs.

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The Importance of Professional Development

Through professional development, teachers can uplift the quality of education by upgrading their knowledge and skills, helping them become more proficient at their jobs. It’s essential for school administrators to encourage teachers to undergo PD, so they will be more effective in all aspects of their work. The result – improved learning outcomes for students.

Acquire new skills and learn how to become an effective educator. Many teachers are having difficulties with classroom management and student behavior issues. Through professional development, teachers can learn how to overcome these challenges and maintain focus on the primary task – teaching.

Professional development injects enthusiasm, renewed energy, and self-confidence, regardless if you’re a new or experienced teacher. Continuing education keeps teachers up-to-date on new curriculum resources, strategies to improve student learning, and technological tools that can be used both inside and outside the classroom.

INcompassing Education

INcompassing Education provides high-quality professional development for teachers. It is our mission to help schools keep up with the ever-changing needs in education. We are able to do this in three ways: on-site PD, off-site PD, and online PD.

  1. On- site PD – Our team of experienced and highly qualified educators can provide training and school-based seminars at your school/educational institution. We can design a customized program for the particular needs of your school or district.

  2. Off-site PD – INcompassing Education facilitates professional development sessions and workshops on various topics, including PBIS, RTI, Classroom Management, Data, Leadership, Alternative Education, School Turnaround, and so much more.

  3. Online PD – Designed with the busy teacher in mind, our online Lounge & Learn sessions give educators the freedom to choose topics that meet their needs. These high-quality, one-hour sessions are conducted by our Lounge & Learn facilitators which include Elizabeth Avery, Tiffany Climer, Rachel Davidson, Denise Kane, Cheryl Piotraschke, Mandy Rinehart, and Bethany Schoenradt.

Meet the INcompassing Education team!

  • Dianne McKinley

Dianne McKinley holds an Ed.S. in K-12 Educational Leadership from St. Thomas University. She also holds a B.S.Ed. from the University of Georgia and an M.Ed. in Elementary Education from Georgia State University. Dianne has worked in Alabama, Georgia, Minnesota, and Indiana. She has been in education for over 20 years and has been a building level administrator, classroom teacher, writing coach, and Outreach Coordinator for the Indiana Department of Education.

Throughout her career, Dianne has had the privilege of serving students from diverse backgrounds. She has experience with STEM, Title I, Gifted Education, and EL. She has done extensive work with schools and districts on School Turnaround, Curriculum Mapping, PBIS, Strategic Planning, Instructional Coaching, Leadership Mentoring, and so much more. Dianne has been providing professional development for educators for the past 18 years.

  • Tiffany Climer

Tiffany Climer holds a B.S.Ed. from Indiana University. For the past 10 years, Tiffany has worked with Richmond Community Schools in Indiana. She served as a kindergarten, fifth grade, and sixth grade teacher. More importantly, she was responsible for implementing the RTI framework into grades 5-8.

Tiffany is formally trained in Response to Intervention through the state of Indiana, the 8-Step Process, the Literacy Collaborative Framework of best practices, and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). Tiffany will be providing on-site professional development and coaching for RTI.

  • Amanda Rinehart

Amanda Rinehart earned a B.S.Ed. in Elementary Education from Indiana University. For the past 15 years, she has been an educator in urban settings. Amanda obtained a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Administration and Applied Behavioral Analysis. In addition, she holds a Building Level Administrator license. As the Building Options Coordinator for Indianapolis Public Schools, she helped individual schools to have higher achievement by developing academic and behavioral plans.

She was responsible for data collection, analysis and reporting for the Alternative Education Department. In this role, Amanda oversaw elementary alternative schools, providing them with data-driven procedures and strategies to help students return to their boundary schools and be successful. In her last position, she was the Assistant Principal in a charter school in Indianapolis. Amanda will be providing professional development for Alternative Education and Classroom Management.

  • Rachel Davidson

Rachel Davidson is an education consultant working with various schools to ensure supportive systems are in place to maximize achievement for all students. She played an important role in providing support and technical assistance to school corporations across the state to revitalize school counseling efforts.

Rachel worked at the Indiana Department of Education as the English Learning and Migrant Education Coordinator, overseeing state and federal grants. She holds her bachelor’s degree from the University of Georgia, her Masters from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and her administrative license from IWU. Prior to her stint at the Indiana Department of Education, Rachel worked as an EL teacher in Indiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Due to time spent living in Mexico, Rachel is fluent in Spanish and enjoys using her skills to help students, families, and educators.


Professional development can help educators upgrade their knowledge, skills, competence, and effectiveness. Acquire new skills and improve your teaching methods and practices. It is important, as well-trained teachers can have a huge impact on student learning and achievement. To learn more about INcompassing Education, send us a message by visiting our contact page.


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