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The Best Way to Teach Struggling Readers

Top 6 Books for Teachers in 2021

If you are an educator or parent, then you have likely spent some time thinking about the best ways to teach children to read. If you are a parent or educator with a struggling reader, you have probably agonized over how to help that child. Reading Simplified has determined how to teach struggling readers of any age.


Are you overwhelmed when teaching reading to your child or students? Whether you teach young students how to read, or you teach older students something entirely different, you’re likely overwhelmed by the challenge of helping improve their reading.


It’s sad to draw attention to, but over 60% of U.S. 4th grade readers are NOT proficient in reading, according to the NAEP. The reading wars and confusion about different philosophies of reading instruction have led many teachers to feel overwhelmed.


How can I possibly serve each child’s unique needs? 

How can I help children who aren’t reading fluently when I teach upper grades?


Helping Readers Everywhere

Dr. Marnie Ginsberg of Reading Simplified, has spent a lifetime pursuing the question, “How can we teach anyone how to read quickly?”  She’s discovered that only a handful of Word Work activities help anyone crack the code–whether beginning 5 year-olds or struggling 15 year-olds. She regularly gets most struggling readers to grade level in just 12 hours of instruction and thousands of teachers are implementing her ideas with strong success.

The Academy breaks them down into:

  1. Switch It- view videos of the Switch It procedures and how to give feedback. Snag word lists. Learn about the beginner’s version of Switch It- Build It.

  2. Read It- Watch and learn how to teach Blend As You Read- the most common missing ingredient in struggling readers’ repertoire. Prep with word lists for your own student. Ensure that no blending problem will stump you again.

  3. Guided Reading- Uncover 3 big myths about guided reading as you prepare to accelerate your students more rapidly towards fluency. Watch how to challenge a beginner and more advanced student during Guided Reading.

  4. Re-Reading- Discover when and how to best use re-reading and teacher modeling to ensure faster progress. Use Reading Simplified texts provided and find other texts that meet students’ needs as they advance.

  5. Sort It- Watch the Sort It technique in action, along with the Key Sentence mnemonic. Download hundreds of texts targeting specific Advanced Phonics vowels. Never get boggled by students not transferring their Word Work to real reading again!

  6. Differentiate It- Now that you know the major Reading Simplified activities, envision how to identify each students’ most pressing need, cluster them into like groups, and plan for small group instruction and independent literacy centers.

  7. Write It- Build on the skills students have acquired through Switch It, Read It, and Sort It by learning how Write It flexibly meets beginner and advanced readers’ needs. Learn how to match readers with words and sentences for dictation.

  8. Extend It- Extend everyone’s learning beyond guided reading with the ideas for Extend It. With the support of the Streamlined Pathway, target each child’s or group’s instruction needs with easy to adapt literacy centers or independent stations. Develop a homework plan that advances each reader.



This ongoing complementary workshop to help parents and teachers. If you’ve ever wondered how to help those struggling readers who just seem stuck or how to teach your own child how to read, then you will not be disappointed.


  • how to teach letter-sounds, phonemic awareness, decoding, and spelling all at once with Switch It;

  • how to solve every struggling readers’ blending problems–works every time but only takes 30 seconds!

  • how students can learn Advanced Phonics like long vowels in just 12 weeks instead of 2 years, like most reading programs.

Plus, she often gives away free gifts to all who attend an online workshop.



This is the best of the best after Dr. Ginsberg’s over 20 years of teaching, tutoring, and doing university research!


Discover the power of 3 activities that integrate multiple reading sub-skills simultaneously, saving planning time AND boosting your students’ achievement.



Whether you are aware of how the above reading skills fit into reading development, or you’ve never even considered how to teach reading, this instruction is likely to still serve you. Plus, you’ll see video examples of the activities in action which are so helpful for boosting your confidence to try an activity. By watching the free training or joining The Reading Simplified Academy, you will learn how to teach struggling readers of any age.




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